Tamatha Barbeau, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology

Coordinator: Pre-Veterinary Program
Coordinator: Program for Undergraduate Research (PURE)

Academic Advising

General Guidelines for Advising and Pre-Registration:

If you are one of my advisees, the Advising and Pre-Registration Period for the Summer and Fall semester will start about midway through the fall semester - usually in October. Advising for the Spring semester usually occurs sometime in March. The Biology department will send out a noticeapproximately 1 - 2 weeks before advising and registration begins.

I will have a sign-up sheet on my door (MSB 301i) to make appointments with me for advising and pre-registration. You can meet with me before your open registration period. In fact, that is usually better.

Sign up for an advising appointment BEFORE your registration screen opens! I have to clear you before you can register for classes. You also want to know what classes you need to take before going online and signing up for classes using the course schedule. Equally important is to know if you have any holds on your registration. When I go to clear you for registration I can see if you have holds and inform you what you need to do to clear them and register. If you have a hold on your account YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER until you get the hold cleared.

If you are an honors student or student athelete, you will be able to register for classes on the first day of registration, along with senior students. Honors students must be honors eligible (check with FMU's Honors Program, and director Dr. Jon Tuttle), you must sign up for at least 1 honors course, and you must fill out an Honor's Advising Sheet with me and take that advising sheet to either Ms. Lisa Pike or Mr. Travis Knowles in Biology to have them enter the courses for you. Athletes, please see consult with your coaches about any paperwork that you need to bring to me for advising.

You will need to check the Course Schedules for the classes you need. Additionally, consult your FMU Catalog (available as hard copy or online version) for the appropriate undergraduate Biology, Pre-Nursing, and Pre-Veterinary program to see which courses are required to fulfill your degree requirements (both major and general education requirements). Follow the links for more information on the undergraduate program in Biology or Pre-Nursing.

Please remember that you are the one who is primarily responsible for keeping track of your coursework towards your degree. I am here to keep you on track and facilitate registration where possible. Start looking ahead of time to find what section numbers of these courses fit into a workable weekly schedule. Bring this information and the course schedule with you to our meeting. When your registration period opens and we have met, and I have cleared you for registering, you can register yourself online by following the steps outlined on pg. 5 of the Course Schedule.

If you need advising, don't wait because advising time slots will fill up fast, and so will classes! If you have questions, email me (see Contact Me link above) or leave a phone message (661-4651).

Pre-Nursing Students:
Click HERE for a PDF of an advising sheet. This is the sheet that we will use to go over your coursework completed, and then decide what courses you will need next.

Biology Major Students:
Click HERE for a PDF of an advising sheet. This is the sheet that we will use to go over your coursework completed, and then decide what courses you will need next.

Please make sure that by you sophomore year you decide on your minor OR 2 collaterals. Please see Ms. Angie Cantey in the Biology office (LSF 204) to have her put these into the system, or fill out the appropriate paperwork to do so.

Also, if you have earned up to 87 credit hours of coursework, and will become a senior Biology major, you NEED TO MAKE SURE to have a coursework review by the registrar's office in order to confirm that you are, in fact, taking the required courses and required number of credit hours in order to graduate on time. You should have a coursework review completed in the first semester of your senior year! There is nothing more upsetting and discouraging than being in your final semester, thinking you're going to be graduating, and finding out last minute that you're missing credit hours. Be responsible and make sure you have double checked everything!

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Pre-Veterinary Students:
Please click the Pre-Vet link, then follow the advising link for more information.

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