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Pre-Vet Club

Francis Marion University
Pre-Vet Club

(Established 2014)

Spring 2015 Club Activities and Meetings

Club Activities Spring 2015 Semester!

Thur Jan 22, 2015 in LSF 205 5pm - 1st Cub Meeting!
Please come to discuss the club's activities for the semester.

Thur Jan 29th University Center 1-4pm - Student Involvement Fair. (Contact club president about more details and if you can help.)

Thur Feb 12, Founders Hall Breezeway - Bake Sale 10am - 2pm! (Contact club officers about what you can bring and when you can help at the table.)
As usual, we need baked items for the sale, and people to wait on the tables.

Open House Event Saturday February 14th from 11:45-2:15

Thursday February 19th LSF 205 5pm - 2nd Club Meeting. We will be holding an election for Club Secretary. Please come!

Thur Feb 21st - Homecoming Day Parade! (Contact club president about how you can help prepare the club's "car" and get involved.)
We had a lot of fun at the parade. Many, many thanks to Jessica Perkins and Caitlin Erb for securing supplies for putting the decorations on the golf cart. Also, a big thanks to Sydney Koele and Cameron Leyers for staying up all night (!!!) Friday to cut, paint, and decorate the cardboard pieces that made up our cart's theme of "Pets make a house a home". You ladies rock!

Here are some pics (photo credits to Austin Kemmerlin):

From left to right: Caitlin Erb, Dr. Barbeau, Amy Lee Kirby, Cameron Leyers, and Anaystaysia Smith.

Here we are again with our cart, just after the parade.

Caitlin Erb and Dr. Barbeau walking alongside the cart with Amy Lee in the cart. The cardboard pieces we're holding are the picket fences that go with the "house".

Cameron Leyers with some furry co-pilots!

• The Pre-Vet Club is partnering with Faculty at FMU to raise supplies for the Darlington County Humane Society between Mar 3 - 17. Boxes have been put up in several campus departments and many supplies have already been taken to the shelter.

Supplies raised for the Darlington Humane Society (Spring 2015) include:
• 3 bags of dry dog food & 5 cans of wet food
• 6 bags of dry cat food & 5 cans of wet food
• 5 pet collars
• 1 bottle bleach
• 30 rolls of paper towels
• 6 bottles of chlorox wipes
• 4 bags of cotton balls & 3 packs of cotton swabs
• 13 bottles of dish soap
• 3 packs toilet tissue (for humans at Humane Society!)
• Office supplies (boxes of envelopes, markers, post-its, paper clips, white out, etc....)
• food/water dish

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